Your T Shirts, hoodies, hats etc will be printed to order, just for you!

We have printers who have invested millions buying the best equipment in the world in order to get the best finish on your order.  They are specialists who fulfil close to a million orders per year.  They definitely know what they are doing!

Quality is everything, we can get cheaper, but from the extensive research that we have carried out, the quality is as good as you will get anywhere.  From the strong colour co ordination to the garment quality and reliability of shipping, each stage and each element is closely watched and monitored.

What is also important is that we are assured that garments are all made in ethical and healthy environments.  The team making the garments are paid appropriately for their work, get sufficient breaks and work in a we managed environment.  If we ever suspected that there was any abuse anywhere in the production and supply chain we would investigate urgently and immediately remove any suppliers or contractors at fault.

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